My journey working with Service based Startup

Worked for almost 6 years with Geekyants my journey came to an end with the organization in June 2022. I wanted to explore new product-based verticals, build much more scalable, and be part of a high-end user base and data set to play with.

I learned a lot from everyone at Geekyants and have gained a lot of experience and learning not only around tech but also on how to scale & build teams, along with processes around business, legal etc.

Starting with React Native developer and then building products around Nativebase and Native base market was my primary job role for the first two years. Working closely with Gaurav Guha (Product Manager) I gained a lot on the mindset of how the requirement is jotted into MVP and then how we should prioritize features that can be shipped for end users etc. without affecting the business model.

Woking with a startup was always my thing as you get all the resources to explore & build. I have explored mostly all third-party apps/tools for payment gateway, Cloud provider and other services as well. Working with a service-based startup was something that helped me grow in my technical areas

Working with big giant/unicorn companies as they are today for their MVP to scale their product with the challenges they had with a lot of user traffic they were coming up with has helped me grow and

Working on the Service vertical with Faiz was something I enjoyed and will miss working with him. He has mentored me not just in technical skills but in a lot more areas as well.

At the end of the day, I was trusted and given so much responsibility, and my knowledge and recommendations were valued. That is something that made me proud.